Etowah Baptist Church
Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Why basketball?

1.   Basketball continues to be America's most popular team sport having nearly 40 million players nationwide

2.   More than 7.5 million 6-11 year-olds participate in basketball nationally.

Why Upward Basketball?

Upward Basketball offers a break from the norm. The primary focus of Upward is to develop the Winner in EVERY child, not just a few. By keeping this goal in mind, we offer a league that promotes salvation, character, and self-esteem in all who participate by:

  1. Keeping sportsmanship and competitiveness in proper perspective by not maintaining standings in any division.
  2. Equipping coaches and referees to minister by providing extensive teaching tools and resources.
  3. Providing opportunities to promote other church ministries to all players and their families.
  4. Allowing the coach to focus on ministering to children and their families instead of game strategy, by having a set substitution system where all players are allowed equal playing time and equal opportunity for improvement.
  5. Encouraging each player with a game-day award following every game.
  6. Maximizing ministry opportunities by exposing players to Scripture-based devotions during each practice and spectators to halftime testimonies each game day.
  7. Providing opportunities to see changed hearts and lives among children, family members, and volunteers who experience an Upward ministry.
  8. Maximizing the family schedule by having only one hour of practice and one game each week.
  9. Building toward a harvest time at the Upward Awards Celebration where players and family members are given an opportunity to respond to the gospel.