Etowah Baptist Church
Sunday, June 16, 2019

Preaching at EBC


  Here at Etowah Baptist Church we believe  that God uses His Word, through the work of the Holy Spirit, to speak to the hearts of His people and to win the lost to salvation. We preach expositionally. This means that our Pastor preaches verse by verse, seeking to expose, or bring to light, the truth found in the Scriptures. Our Pastor loves to preach through books of the Bible. He also enjoys preaching through series, such as on the family, end times, or on the lives of characters found in the Bible. He also preaches on doctrines of the Bible. We believe that preaching that is centered and focused on the Word of God will have the anointing and power of God.

 Current Series:
 Sunday Morning: "Verse-by-Verse Through Ephesians"

Sunday Evening: "Verse-by-Verse Through Romans"

Wednesday Evening: "Verse-by-Verse Through Isaiah"

(Current series may be interrupted from time to time due to special events/seasonal emphasis)